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Chronic Migraine, Shoulder and Neck Pain

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Chronic Neck and Low Back Pain

Chronic Migraine Headache

Chronic Hip Pain

My 8 year old daughter started having pain in her hip in June 2011. Over the next 18 months we saw three Orthopedic surgeons, a Rheumatologist, two physiotherapists and a Sports Science Doctor. We also had multiple MRI's and CT scans. She was taking Advil round the clock for the pain. She was no longer able to take part in PE at school or any other physical activity.

Our main Orthopedic surgeon suggested that she was suffering from Osteoid Osteoma (a benign bone tumor) and wanted to perform radio frequency ablation therapy. We were scheduled for this surgery in October 2012. The morning of the surgery, the radiologist disagreed with his diagnosis. The surgeon then decided he wanted to do a more invasive surgery which involved cutting into the bone and scooping out the inside. We decided to take a month's breathing space to consider our options, as he told us that she would be in a wheelchair for some time afterwards.

A friend of ours suggested we try acupuncture to help her cope with the pain. Out of desperation, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Sarah.

Dr. Sarah was understanding and thorough. She immediately pointed out that there was a major alignment issue with our daughter's legs. Her legs are the same length but the ankle bones/knee joints/hips were not aligned. I was surprised that no other doctor had noticed this.

Dr. Sarah was wonderful and managed to get our daughter to have some needles in the first session.

After this session she had one dose of Advil the following day but she did not need Advil again until Christmas.

At Christmas we were busy and missed an acupuncture session. Our daughter was given a scooter which we think caused pressure on one side of the body. When I remembered Dr. Sarah's words about her legs being out of alignment I checked and they were severely out of alignment again. Thankfully after another session, Annie was out of pain again.

We have been seeing Dr. Sarah weekly since October. Our daughter has only required Advil ONCE since starting treatment with her. This follows 18months of round the clock Advil!

It has been a miracle for us. Our daughter was in severe pain and Western trained doctors were unable to help her.

Thanks to Dr. Sarah, our daughter has resumed PE at school and all other forms of physical exercise and even came skiing last week with NO issues at all. She has been able to stop all medication and has also avoided a major surgery.

We are so grateful to Dr. Sarah for making our daughter happy and healthy once more. I highly recommend her services!

Sarah B. 04/30/2014

Lower back pain, reduce stress and muscle tension

I've been to another acupuncturist prior her so I think I'm able to share a somewhat balanced review. My experiences have been like night and day. Sarah really takes the time to find out about your health. She's fluent in Chinese and English which was extremely helpful when I went with my mother. She was able to speak to my mother in Cantonese and English to me. Her bedside manner is impeccable and she has a great eye for details which is very important when you're dealing with needles! The bottom line is that she is a great professional who is easy to talk to and very good at her job. I've seen her 3 times and I've noticed a significant improvement after every visit. Sarah is a must for any professional who looking to manage one's health before something goes wrong. She was able to help me reduce stress, muscle tension, and lower back pain (FWPs for a yuppie.)

I could keep gushing about her or you can go pay Sarah a visit!

Stephanie C.

Bulging disk in neck, Lower back/hip pain

I have a bulging disk in my neck for the past 10 years which has led to constant soreness. Over the years I have taken more than my share of ibuprofen and tried chiropractic and massage with limited if any benefit. I recently decided to give accupunture a try and after checking Yelp reviews, found Sarah at Maystar Natural Healthcare Center. After just the first treatment, I noticed significant improvement in my neck. Now after 5 treatments, my neck feels better than it has in years and a lower back/hip pain that was treated as well is also much improved. Sarah is very professional and has a clean, conveniently located facility right next to Santana Row. I heartily endorse her services!

Ed H.

Neck and Shoulder pain, high Cholesterol and Acid reflux

Over the past summer, my family took a road trip and drove from Houston to San Jose. It has been four months since my visit to MayStar. After few days of long distance driving, my lower back and shoulder pain was flare up and it was very painful. I decided to get acupuncture treatments and I found MayStar HealthCare from Yelp.
MayStar is one of the best acupuncture, traditional herbal clinic I have ever had, the setting is nice and clean, very professional. I went to other Acu's in TX and although their styles are different, Sarah's is one of the most proficient acupuncturists I've ever been to, her healing was amazing. Pain in my back and shoulder went away after 3 treatments and she significantly reduced my anxiety and stress too. I told her that I have other health issues such as high Cholesterol and Acid reflux. She prescribed me 2 months of Chinese herbal medicines along with some diet modification recommendations. My cholesterol was around 225 last year annual exam. I just had my annual exam for this year in last month; my cholesterol was down to 183. My Acid Reflux also went down that I don't have to take Nexium daily. My energy level is better. Sarah really knows what's going on with your body even if you don't.
It is a great place to get Acupuncture and Herbal treatment. I would recommend her to anyone, even if you are just looking to get rid of a cold.

Watson G.

Annoying aches and pains

Like many other people, I'd gone on for a long time with annoying aches and pains, too much stress and not enough sleep. I had really forgotten what I should feel like. After a particularly stressful month at work, my gf suggested I do something good for my health. I usuallyI go for massages once a month anyway, so she said I needed something that would really release some of the stress, both mentally and physically.

She booked me an appointment with Sarah at Maystar Natural Healthcare Center. I was on my way and she reminded me to keep an open mind. I never had acupuncture before and didn't know the first thing about how it worked. Just one visit to Sarah's office, I was impressed by what acupuncture and a talented acupuncturist, can do for you. Sarah and I talked a lot about what I wanted from the session and she then proceeded to painlessly insert small needles all over my body.

When my rest time was up and she had taken out all of the needles, I felt more rested that I could ever remember. I literally felt lighter as I walked to the door and that tension I'd been carrying for so long in my neck and shoulders, were gone. Sarah's acupuncture treatments have now become a regular part of my life, something that was long overdue, but something that I won't stop doing any time soon.

Greg H.

Low back pain

I came here to get some treatment for my low back pain. I've had it for years and the only thing that MD's wanted to do was cut me open. I'd rather let someone poke needles in me first. I made an appointment w/ Sarah for some acupuncture. To my surprise the needles did not hurt much and the entire experience was pretty relaxing. I could notice my back pain was a lot less after the first visit. I came back for more treatments as recommended by Sarah and after every treatment, I could feel the pain getting less and less. I'm very excited to have found a solution for my pain.

I also tried one of her facials because my gf wanted to as well. I never had a facial before so I don't know what to compare it to but my skin came out feeling like a hard boiled egg. I thought the work was good and professional.

Kevin Y.

Sleep problems and stress, acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation treatment

I just had the best facial and acupuncture treatment with Sarah at this place and absolutely LOVED it!! She used 3 different machines for my facial which got rid of all the dead skins cells, deep cleaned my face and brightened my skin (aka: no more sun spots!). It felt great, and it looks great!

Also, while I was lying there with my mask, she gave me an accupuncture treament to help me with my sleep problems and stress. I have to tell you, that was the most relaxing 1/2 hour I've ever had. I already feel better and I can't wait to sleep well tonight (for the first time in in weeks). I got some Chinese herbs as well to help me with my sleep and stress problems.

Needless to say, I HIGHLY recommend this place. Sarah is amazing, I'll definitely be seeing her again :)

Alicia F.

Sleeping issues and anxiety

I had been having sleeping issues and anxiety for a couple months now and at the recommendation of a friend, I decided to come see Sarah at Maystar. First of all, I was so impressed with this place! Very professional, yet comfortable and cosy looking too. I don't like feeling like I'm walking into a doctor's office, all sterile looking and bland. Sarah's friendly demeanor also helped me to relax right away. She has an excellent way of explaining exactly what she's doing and happily goes the extra mile to make sure I'm comfortable. She put a heatlamp on my stomach, just lovely! Her needle technique is great and I pretty much was so relaxed I fell asleep almost right away. Needless to say, I was very happy with my treatment and have gone back for more. She will offer Chinese herbs as well but doesn't push them on you which I really like. My sleeping improved tremendously after a few treatments and my mind definitely feels more clear and calm now. Thank you Sarah, you do awesome work. Highly recommended!

Grace C.

Wellness balance and Herbal treatment

Sarah is a very gifted healer. Her years as an esthetician has given her the experience to have attentive bed side manner which is both sensitive and professional. Her familiarity with working with faces has given her the refined skill of detecting imbalances within the body just by looking at your face. I received a very relaxing and effective treatment from her and she also prescribed a specific herbal formula that I found helpful with my specific disharmony.

Her office is also very well put together with each treatment room painted accordingly to a different element that corresponds with Taoist medical theory (wood, fire, earth, etc...)

I highly recommend seeing Sarah for whatever type of issues you might be experiencing whether it be something as internal such as difficulties sleeping to a something as physical as a sports injury. THANK YOU!

Melani L.

Neck pain and insomnia

Facial Rejuvenation treatment and Wellness balance

My face is about to get pampered! When I walked in to meet Sarah, who is an Acupuncturist and Esthetician, she was friendly and great to talk to. Not only is she knowledgeable, answering any skin care concerns but she is very attentive in explaining every step along the way. She explains to me that the facials I will get here are a little different from some of the other places, most of the procedures are done with high tech and safe machines.

I had a deep cleansing, micro dermabrasion, removing black pores and a moisture mask. I witness blackheads and dead skin that were removed and I am convinced that washing your face 2x a day is actually not enough. I also really like the memory foam beds they have there, it's super comfortable. It's actually hard for me to take a nap just anywhere because I'm a very conscious person. But I was able to take a short nap when I was waiting for my mask to dry. Sarah put in a great effort to making their clients feel comfortable and relax.

The facial itself was wonderful. I was very eager to see the results. I noticed my skin clearer and whiter instantly. My pores were smaller and the day after my facial, my skin feels smooth and I can tell it's hydrated. Will definitely return to keep my skin in great condition.

I've also been treated by her for my neck pain and insomnia. I was hesitant at first because I never had needles stuck in me before but knowing Sarah from her facial, put me at ease. To say the least, acupuncture works wonders! I had a few sessions of acupuncture and some herbal supplements and I can sleep again. My neck pain is way down and I'm confident that I'm on the right track. No more counting sheep for this girl! xP So with my facial and acupuncture, I look good and i feel good. Can't beat that my friend!

Christie W.

Increase energy level and reduced tension

I haven't had an acupuncture treatment in a few years so I was really looking forward to it. Luckily, I experienced a return to it under the skilled hands of Sarah. I asked for a special request of both acupuncture and cupping as I really needed some tension worked out as well and the combo was a great success.

Her knowledge of herbal medicine was also a great addition as they helped me reach a new-found energy level, reduced tension and greater mental clarity since just the first session.

I visited her for the first time this past week and immediately scheduled a session for this coming week. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a achieve better health and well-being!

Rossana L.